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 Xinguo power: from "not knowing snow wax car" to "building China's first snow wax car"

2022/6/29 14:30:08      view:2158
The 24th Beijing Winter Olympics, which is "wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding", has come to a perfect conclusion. While warmly celebrating that China ranks third in the medal list with a total of 15 medals, and has created the best result in the history of Chinas Winter Olympics; Outside the stadium, there are service guarantee teams from all walks of life to refresh the green history of the Winter Olympics.

Chinas first snow wax car manufactured by Xinguo power and heavy truck group served the Winter Olympics. Since the snow wax car equipped with Xinguo powers four in one controller system assembly was delivered for use, it has traveled more than 10000 kilometers with the national team to Xinjiang, Hebei, Shanghai, Beijing and other places. During the guarantee process of the three races in Xinjiang Wenquan station, Hebei Chongli station and Shanghai Yangpu station, they have withstood the tests of long-distance driving, plateau climate, ice and snow low temperature, strong wind and bad weather. The snow wax truck provides power and heating 24 hours a day. Six waxing equipment provide the waxers with a high-quality equipment foundation.

During the intensive training in Xinjiang, many waxers worked in the snow wax car for more than 10 hours a day, and prepared two skis for each athlete every day, which successfully ensured the progress of the intensive training and competition. In the 10 events of FIS cross-country skiing points competition held in Xinjiang, the Chinese team won 7 gold, 4 Silver and 4 bronze.

After 2017 and 2021, on January 4, 2022, the general secretarys first visit to the new year again focused on the Beijing Winter Olympics, which was also his fifth field visit to the preparation of the Winter Olympics. During the inspection, the general secretary also boarded Chinas first snow wax truck.

This snow wax car has applied for 79 patents, including 22 invention patents. With the successful development of snow wax cars, Xinguo power fully demonstrated its research and development ability and level, laying a solid foundation for the construction of "national sports industry technology innovation center"; The successful development of the snow wax car has provided a strong guarantee for Chinas snow athletes to achieve excellent results and contributed to the wisdom and strength of Xinguo.